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Let us surprise you with our amazing service and profesional response.  We are open from 8am - 6pm every day of the week.


We don't make promises we can't keep nor sell you something you don't need. We are known for our honesty, effective and consistent cleaning processes and our quality work. One way to experience this is to try one of our specials.


1. SMAZ Group discount.  

    We offer a group discount of 25% on all first cleans to customers in the same street/area with their cleaning service to be done on the same day. 

2. Building wash special.

    We don't cut corners nor make false promises. We offer a service that ticks all boxes and meets expectations most have when it comes to washing

    down buidings. There for each building wash comes with a free of charge external window cleaning service. Please feel free to call us for more

    information or a free quote.

Terms and condition apply. 

We are happy to help you save time, money and resources in keeping or restoring your property in an optimum and safe condition. Mail us your requirements or give us a call and let us amaze you with our attractive rates and excellent service.