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SMAZ facilitates a one door shop experience for all types of interior & exterior cleaning services.  From external to full internal cleans, we have got you covered!

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Commercial floor cleaning
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Interior cleaning & maintenance 

Our interior cleaning programs cover all requirements  in the field of hygiene, safety and making sure your facility is clean, safe and optimum condition. Our rates are competitive as our team goes the full stretch and beyond to ensure quality work is provided. All activities are supervised and inspected before handover, making sure the site is left in a safe, clean, optimum state and condition. Regular commercial cleaning services, entree & exit cleans, cob webbing, sanitising and disinfection services, carpet cleaning, strip & seal commercial hard flooring, floor scrub and polish, builders cleans, are a few of the many services we offer in a single maintenance package.


Window Cleaning

Glass is one of the most popular materials used in modern architecture. Though while it looks beautiful it requires regular maintenance in order to keep its sparkle and protective qualities. Maintained glass shows you care about your business and impressions visitors get when entering your building.

We offer conventional and pure water window cleaning. Using the latest techniques allows us to clean multi storey properties in a safe and most effective way. Our glass maintenance programs covers all you need to keep your glass in an optimum condition. 

Installation, inspection and cleaning at heights

Working at heights comes with risks and limitations. Regulations, licenses, experience and expertise in reach techniques often requires companies to outsource certain types of activities. Our working at heights and rope access teams are well trained and experienced in cleaning, installing and or removing installations at height and hard to reach areas. No matter wat your requirements and needs are, we have got you covered!

roof high pressure cleaning
Soft wash warehouse.
solar panel cleaning

High and Low Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing is one of the most affordable ways to give your property an instant face. It does not only restore the looks and condition of your property but also provide a safer and healthier environment by eliminating hazardous slippery areas and health complications due to mouldy surfaces.

In cases where pressure washing can cause more harm than good, we offer soft wash services.  For this we use an environment friendly solution which we spray on the to be washed surface with a low-pressure application system. Debris, stains, mud, wasp nests, cobwebs, bird poo, mould and bat staining are broken down, and simply washed down using a low pressure. Surfaces will stay longer free from mould and algae build-up as the solution makes the surface less attractive for these types of organism.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels are an economic and environmental investment thus we want to make sure you get the most out of installation. Dirty Solar Panels reduce the electricity output by 25% which results in a loss of investment and rise in energy costs.

With todays energy prices solar panel maintenance cleans is a no brainer! We use an industrial approved method for cleaning solar panels. This technique is also suitable for cleaning hard to reach windows and different hard surfaces on commercial and residential multi storey buildings.

Our services are not limited to cleaning only. We also offer maintenance services such as strip and seal of commerciual hard flooring, concrete sealing,- colour sealing-, painting-, mould treatment & removal-, roof restaurations-, colour bond services & airconditioning maintenance.

Property maintenance is a no brainer. Give us a call and experience how we help protecting your investment.

SMAZ, the one door shopping experience for all property cleaning and maintenance programs 

SMAZ offers one off and regular domestic and commercial cleaning services throughout the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane region, 7 days per week/ 24 hours per day. Our services are flexible and fully tailored to the needs of each unique costumer. Give us a call! We are more than happy to work with you on a maintenance plan or offer you a single service that ticks all the boxes so that your facility looks and stays in an excellent condition.

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